The Creative Arts Therapies Society (C.A.T.S)


The Health and Care Professions Council (UK) defines dramatherapy as a “unique form of psychotherapy in which creativity, play, movement, voice, storytelling, dramatization and the performance arts have a central position within the therapeutic relationship.”  HCPC (UK) Standards of Proficiency – Arts therapists, 2012, pg.15

The British Association of Dramatherapists defines Dramatherapy as a form of psychological therapy in which all of the performance arts are utilised within the therapeutic relationship. Dramatherapists are both artists and clinicians and draw on their trainings in theatre/drama and therapy to create methods to engage clients in effecting psychological, emotional and social changes. The therapy gives equal validity to body and mind within the dramatic context; stories, myths, play texts, puppetry, masks and improvisation are examples of the range of artistic interventions a Dramatherapist may employ. These will enable the client to explore difficult and painful life experiences through an indirect approach.

Therapists in Malta

Currently there are 4 fully qualified Dramatherapists registered with C.A.T.S. (Malta). They qualified in the UK are are registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) there. Please click here to see their profiles.shapeimage_4_link_0 For information on Training in the UK, please click here